Top players

Top players

Italy has repeatedly shown the world a great game of football. The national team won the World Cup four times, most recently in 2006. And even if Italy has educated and raised such outstanding attackers as Alessandro del Piero and Luigi Riva, the country also boasts some particularly talented goalkeepers and defenders. The footballers we are talking about today are not only the best of the best in Italy, but all over the world.mWe start to cover all the most interesting facts from the life of our favorite football players such as George Weah, Thiago Silva. They are designed to acquaint you with the unknown events of the players of FC Milan.

 Stephan El Shaarawy:

1. Stephen – the son of an Egyptian and an Italian.

2. Because of its roots got the nickname – “Pharaoh”.

3. At the first viewing, the Genoa Academy did not enter due to its great constraint. As a result, he did not show what he was capable of.

4. In 2008, he was awarded the Amadeo Amadei Prize, as the youngest debutant of the season.

5. At the start of this season, Massimo Ambrosini argued with Stefan that if the latter in the first half of the season scores 7 goals, then he will go to the winter holidays at the expense of the captain. We add that the “Pharaoh” has already scored twice as many goals.

6. Considers Andrey Shevchenko and Kaka as their idols.

7. Considers Barack Obama a good person and would like to meet him.

Riccardo Montolivo:

1. His father is Italian and his mother is German.

2. La Reppublica journalists met with Riccardo Montolivo’s mother and forced her to learn the anthem of Italy. As it turned out, it was not so easy for an elderly woman. After all, Italian is not her native language, but Fratellid’Italia is not the song she learned as a child.

3. Best Young Player of Serie A (2007).

4. Favorite basketball player considers Danilo Gallinari (“Denver Nuggets”), with whom he met and exchanged autographs with him.


1. At the age of 9, Robinho scored 73 goals for the Brazilian mini-football team Portuarios, after which he was recruited into the Santos system.

2. With the scandal left Santos – he refused to go on the field in protest against selling it to Europe.

3. At his presentation at Santos (during the second coming) I flew directly to the club’s stadium by helicopter along with Pele.

4. The amount for which Robinho moved to Manchester City was a new UK record. Later, Fernando Torres broke this record.

Kevin-Prince Boateng:

1. On the body of Kevin, there are 13 tattoos.

2. Jerome Boateng’s brother (Bayern Munich).

3. His grandfather is a cousin of the legendary German player Helmut Rahn.

4. It was Kevin who caused the hardest injury to Michael Ballack, who did not allow him to play at the World Cup in South Africa.

5. In July 2011, he was expelled from the national team of Ghana for refusing to play in a friendly match against Nigeria. The failure of this kind was not the first in the career of Boateng. In the spring of 2011, he refused to play in the qualifying match of the African Cup of Nations against the national team of the Congo.

6. During the celebrations in honor of the victory in Serie A, Michael Jackson’s “moonwalk” danced.

7. She is currently meeting with Christian Weieri’s ex-girlfriend, Melissa Sutta.

Alexandre Pato:

1. As a child, Alexandre loved playing football on the SonyPlaystation console. Pato’s favorite player was Alessandro Del Piero.

2. For his first salary, Pato bought his parents a new home and car.

3. Footballer’s cherished dream is to buy an entire island for yourself.

4. It was the main striking force of the “Internationale” together with Luiz Adriano (now a player of Shakhtar Donetsk).

5. After moving to Milan, Pato was forced to miss some time, since he was 17 years old. And according to the rules of Serie A, a player under the age of 18, who was not bought from EU countries, cannot enter the field.

6. From an early age, a young football player began to be called “duckling” (patinho), because the boy was from the city, which in translation meant “white duck”. So the world-famous nickname Pato stuck to the footballer.

7. His first goal for Milan scored against Dynamo Kyiv.

8. Everyone knows that Brazilians are famous for their ability to dance, but Pato does it very well. Often his partners in the national team and the club laugh with him for this reason.

Massimo Ambrosini:

1. On his first day in Milanello, Ambrosini was so scared that he burst into tears and showed a desire to immediately leave the training base of Milan.

2. In his first season with Milan, Massimo said that in the future he would become the team captain and end his career only at this club.

3. In his hometown of Pesaro, Ambrosini has become a real hero! After all, exactly 50 years before this town could not boast of having a fellow countryman in the national team! Before Max, Lazio player Zeffiro Furiassi received this honor.

4. Since 1998, Massimo has scored at least one goal in every season of Serie A.

5. Received the Order of Merit for the Italian Republic.


One of the numerous confirmations of the steepness of the Milan of the era of Fabio Capello – goalkeeper Sebastiano Rossi, who was called to the Italian national team only once. And it is not surprising – Franco Baresi and his friends achieved such perfection in erecting the wall in front of the penalty area, that anyone could be put behind it. However, the team of Carlo Ancelotti surpassed the great predecessors – both champion cups were won with the goalkeeper, who, in terms of skill level, was not at all suitable for the big club of the series A.

Dida’s debut season in Milan was supposed to be the last in all canons – such mistakes in Italy are not forgiven. If someone had said that later this Brazilian would put Christian Abbyati on the bench, he would certainly have been considered insane. If from a technical point of view, Dida was almost a benchmark, then he lacked composure. Any opponent’s shed killed millions of nerve cells: what if he drops the ball again?! But at the crucial moments, Dida caught the courage – a forced penalty shootout at Old Trafford and an inspired game in the unforgettable LCH-2007 playoffs provided Black Panther with a place in the pantheon of Milan glory of the 21st century, except that Gijo can only retract Donnarumma.

Paolo Maldini

The style of “Milan” in the new century has fundamentally changed – the team has learned to win, having ceased to be a soulless mechanism. Paolo was too perfect for this new concept in which players could be wrong and improvise. Someone even regretted that Maldini did not finish his career immediately after the triumph in the UCL-2003 – with the Champions Cup in his hands. After the nightmare in Istanbul, it seemed that there would be no other chance to leave as a winner.

However, the mission of the captain has not yet been completed – it remained to overcome the mark of 600 matches in Serie A, 900 – for Milan and get even with Liverpool. And, of course, as befits anyone who honored comparison with a football deity, to know the true price of human gratitude. He completed all the tasks, and we can’t forget that recently, as if yesterday, Paolo Maldini was seen on the field.

Alessandro Nesta

He became a legend of two different worlds. When the Lazio fans meet Nesta at the store or at the gas station, they greet him: “Oh, my captain!” and all because the transition to Milan was not a betrayal. Proceeds from the sale of funds allowed Sergio Kranotti to delay the inevitable bankruptcy and save the Roman club from the fate of “Napoli” and “Fiorentina”. Sandro turned the game in defense into pure art without admixture of diligence and smell of sweat. This he certainly surpassed Fabio Cannavaro, who diligently made up for the lack of plasticity. If Michelangelo lived in our day, he probably would have sculpted his David from Nesta. And if it were not for serious injuries, Sandro could have become the greatest Italian defender of all time. Although no one will guarantee that he will not be – the history of Calcio is so unpredictable.

Jeanny Rivera

He is one of the most prominent football players of all times and peoples, as well as one of the most famous athletes in Italy. Gianni Rivera is known for his special style of play, which simply fascinates the fans.

Tiago Silva

He spent only three seasons at Milan, although he had to stay ten years. However, the financial problems of the Berlusconi family forced the club to part with the successor Nesta and Maldini. Since the time of Nereo Rocco, an outstanding player has always played in this position, but after the sale of Silva in PSG, Zapata and Mexes began to leave the Rossoneri in the starting lineup. And there was a feeling that the curtain had finally dropped over the golden age of Italian football. The bosses of Milan, realizing that they had accomplished something fatal, had long made plans to return the Brazilian. Rumors about this occur in the press so far.

Demetrio Albertini

This midfielder won three titles in the UEFA Championships, as well as five titles in the Milan football club. Albertini is known for his not only spectacular, but also quite tough game.


In Rome, he was called “a man with two hearts.” Let him out on the right curb – and be sure that the advantage in this zone will be on your side. In his youth, Cafu also had a high speed, which made him almost invincible. In Milan, he significantly broadened his tactical horizons and probably would have revealed his position as an extreme midfielder, as in the Brazilian national team, if not for Carlo Ancelotti’s passion for the Christmas tree. However, this did not prevent Cafu from entering the Hall of Fame for not only Roma, but also Milan.

Andrea Pirlo

Who would Andrea Pirlo become without Milan? And vice versa: could the Rossoneri without it be able to quickly overcome the gray band – the results of the activities of zaccheroni and terms? But it all started with a bold experiment – the idea Mazzone, the implementation of Anchellotti. Nothing then prevented the coach from following the Italian tradition and putting a footballer into the support zone, who was accustomed to running, sticking his tongue out, and giving short passes to his neighbor. What motivated Ancelotti? Maybe he remembered himself when a twenty-year-old youth conducted an orchestra of the magic “Roma”, and then Lidholm entrusted his place in front of the defense to the more eminent Falcao? In any case, Pirlo and Milan had a happy union, which could have been completed without a bitter aftertaste. However, some people incorrectly calculated the retirement age of the Maestro.

Clarence Seedorf

He knew everything or even a little more, so over the years of his career he tried himself in all the roles known to science in midfield. Willy Wonka was deprived of compassion, and, if Milan’s rivals gave up the slack, retribution came immediately. He also had a rare quality to change the fate of an unsuccessfully evolving tournament. It was his goal against “Bavaria” that marked the beginning of the tale, which ended with the triumph of “Milan” in Athens. The habit of having your own opinion on any issue and even defending it to the end brought many benefits, while Milan was managed by a coach who considered the team as a large family and himself as an older brother, and did not recognize authoritarian management methods.

Gennaro Gattuso

Indeed, in every company of intellectuals there must be a rhinoceros bully who can plow a field from a penalty box to a trekvarti, put in place an arrogant star of an opponent and even slap a bream to his own coach. Contrary to popular belief, Gattuso had a decent technique, which he sometimes showed, but in the interests of the team he developed other qualities in himself. It is easy to imagine him unbroken, with the last effort compressing the console of an explosive device somewhere on the distressing space station – the last stronghold of the red and black order. For our honor!


Oh, if Ricardinho had listened to the advice of his elders and looked at least a little while as he rushed to the opponent’s goal at supersonic speed! Then it could not be limited to one “Golden Ball”. But the classic trekvaristy from him did not work – he too tried to bring everything to the end, which contradicts this role. He fascinated the public from the very first appearance on the San Siro: “We came here to see how Kaka scores.”

Ricky not only owned the ball, he seemed to be flying over a field in magical sandals. The perfect weapon for counterattacks, which the coaches enjoyed using. He sincerely loved Milan and did not pretend at all when he cried at parting. However, the loss of speed of these players inevitably breaks. Although since then “Milan” still had no one better.

Filippo Inzaghi

Perhaps the most underrated Italian striker of our time. Even the world champion, he was normally not allowed to become. Pippo proved that the most important thing in football is not talent or natural data: all sorts of techniques, speed, flexibility and jumping ability. He was balancing on the offside line without insurance, and in his fragile body, which was not at all meant for rough messing around with the ball, lived incredible strength of mind.

Andriy Shevchenko

He is the greatest forward that Europe knew after van Basten. His visit to Milan forever divided the Rossoneri fans into those who believed that Sheva was the best and their opponents. He had everything: physical data, intelligence, positional sense. Alberto Zaccheroni thought that he would need about six months to adapt in Series A, but the Devil from the East began to score from the very first match. And this is in the league, which then was not equal in the world. Shevchenko was a farewell gift from one of the most brilliant trainers of the twentieth century.

Right back: Alessandro Kostakurta

7-time champion of Italy, 5-time winner of the Champions League, winner of the Italian Cup, 4-winner of the UEFA Super Cup and 2-time winner of the Intercontinental Cup. He is the only player who can compete with Paolo Maldini for the duration of his career in Milan. Kostakurta spent 20 years at the club for only a year after leaving for rent at Monza in the 1986–87 seasons. Kostakurta could play both on the right and in the center of defense and played at a high level until the age of 41.

Central defender: Franco Baresi

6-time champion of Italy, 3-time Champions League winner, 3-time winner of the UEFA Super Cup, 2-time winner of the Intercontinental Cup. Baresi is probably the best defender in football history, with whom Franz Beckenbauer can compete. Baresi was so good that after completing his career, Milan withdrew the sixth number under which he played. Paolo Maldini himself called him “Special,” and that says a lot.

Midfielder: Frank Rijkard

2-time champion of Italy, 2-time winner of the Champions League, 2-time winner of the Intercontinental Cup, 2-time winner of the UEFA Super Cup. He is the key player of “Milan” of the late 80s – early 90s. Rykard joined the Italian club shortly after the victory of the Dutch national team at Euro 88. Together with other Dutchmen, Marco van Basten and Rude Gullit organized the famous Milan trio.

Central midfielder: Ruud Gullit

3-time champion of Italy, 2-time winner of the Champions League, 2-time winner of the Intercontinental Cup, 2-time winner of the UEFA Super Cup. In 1987, Milan set a world record by paying PSV for the Dutch an amount of $ 9 million, and after a couple of months he received the Golden Ball as the best player in the world. At first, Gullit had problems with adaptation, as he did not know Italian and never lived outside the Netherlands. However, by the end of the first season, he helped Milan win the first in nine years, Scudetto.

Marco Van Basten

4-time champion of Italy, 2-time winner of the Champions League, 2-time winner of the Intercontinental Cup, 2-time winner of the UEFA Super Cup. Despite the fact that the Dutchman ended his career in 30 years, he is still considered one of the best strikers in the history of football. The most memorable moment of a career of van Basten is a goal against the USSR national team at the European Championships-88. However, for Milan, he scored many beautiful and important goals. Speaking eight years for the Rossoneri, van Basten three times recognized as the best footballer in the world: in 1988, 1989 and 1992.

Gianluigi Buffon

Like many years ago, he still plays for Juventus. A record number of times (8) he was recognized as the best goalkeeper of the year in Serie A. Buffon deservedly bears the status of one of the most successful and outstanding goalkeepers in the entire history of football.

Dino Zoff

He is really legendary goalkeeper. He was called the best goalkeeper of the 20th century after Gordon Banks and Lev Yashin. He played in the national team of Italy at least 112 times.

Roberto Badjo

He is the only Italian footballer who scored goals in three world championships (1990, 1994 and 1998). He was named the best FIFA player in 1993. According to the results of an online survey conducted by FIFA in 2000, it took the 4th place in the list of the best players of the 20th century (after Maradona, Pele and Eusebio).

Marcel Desailly

He is French footballer of Ghanaian source, protector and midfielder of the guarded arrangement. He played for Marseille, Milan, and Chelsea, played for the French group for more than 10 years. As an individual from the national group, he won the 1998 World Cup and the 2000 European Championship. He is UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador from Ghana.

Having gotten the name Odenka Abbey during childbirth, Marcel supplanted him after his mom wedded a French ambassador – he received all youngsters. He came to France at 4 years old and started his vocation at Nantes, marking the principal proficient contract in 1986. In 1992, Desayi moved to Marseille and the following year won the UEFA Champions League with him. In the last, the French beat Italian Milan, the following Desayi club. In 1994, Marcel rehashed the accomplishment with the new club. As a Milan player, he likewise won two Scudettos – in 1994 and 1996.

Leonardo: Milan will sell in winter

Milan’s sports director said some players may leave the club in the winter. Leonardo states that fans of the Milan club should not expect new acquisitions this winter due to financial fair play. “We still have not received payments from UEFA after our performance in the Europa League. We are not able to buy new players,” Leonardo began. “At the moment we have 30 players in our team and we will have to part with several of them in the winter. We will not buy because we don’t want, but because we cannot,” said the sports director. At the moment, Milan is ranked sixth in the Serie A standings, scoring 28 points.