The system of Italian football has always been considered one of the best in the world. It is the teams that are based in the Apennine Peninsula that annually occupy leading places in various international tournaments. Milan is a very popular football club with a great history. Red-blacks have a huge number of trophies. They won the national championship many times, won the Italian Cup and were the first to win the Champions League. Millions of viewers from all over the globe are closely watching the game of their idols. There are many fans in Milan too in our country. The text of the article contains all the most interesting information about this team that every football fan should know.

AC Milan history: creation

The club was made in the late nineteenth century, in particular in 1899. The organizer was a football darling and a local of Great Britain, Alfred Edwardson, a man called the group essentially – “Milan”. The primary guide of the group in history was the Englishman Herbert Kiplin, he built up the structure of the unbelievable dark and red structure. Club hues were very surprising, out of appreciation for this fans started to call their new icons “Demons.” In the presentation inviting match, the players met with Medilanuma, the last whistle recorded the triumph of FC Milan with the score 3: 0. Before long the group entered the recently shaped Football Federation, and in 1901, the competitors out of the blue progressed toward becoming victors of the nation.


The first official badge of the club was a shield with a purple cross on a white background (the official coat of arms of Milan). Over the next decades, the design of the logo has changed several times. For example, an image of the devil or a large letter “M” was added to the logo. Only the red and black tones of the symbolism remained unchanged.

The most famous players

In the “Milan” always played only high-class football players. The best scorer in the history of the team is a Swede Gunnar Nordahl: the famous striker hit the opponent’s gate 221 times! Immediately, several “Devils” were the owners of the Golden Ball. Gianni Rivera, Ruud Gullit, George Weah, Andriy Shevchenko and Kaka became the best players in Europe by the end of the season. Marco Van Basten is the only Milanese who won this individual award three times! Also, the team at different times played Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Ronaldinho, Andrea Pirlo, Filippo Inzaghi, David Beckham and many other famous athletes.

Titles and records

FC Milan is a very famous club, which counts several dozen trophies. The team from the city of the same name became the champion of Italy 18 times, and the Super Bowl of the Country became the last title for the red-blacks; its players won in 2016. Also in the assets of the Italian team 5 wins in the main club tournament in Europe. The most effective victory “Devils” won in the distant 1914, when the players scored 14 unanswered goals against “Modena”. It was Milan that for the first time was able to win in the national championship of Italy, not having suffered a single defeat during the season.

In football, the practice of removing numbers from use is not as popular as in hockey or basketball. “Milan” is one of the few teams in which a football player cannot use the number “3” and “6” for use. Thus, the management team tried to honor the two legendary captains for the dedicated game in the red and black for over 20 years. Franco Baresi was the best libero of the Italian championship. He inspired fear and horror to any striker. Paulo Maldini, in turn, made his debut for “Dvolov” at the age of sixteen. His father was also a defender and almost the entire career went on the field in a red and black T-shirt. In the future, only sons of Paulo will be able to take this number.

Principal rivals

Milan derby is one of the oldest confrontations in the history of world football. It all started in the first decade of the twentieth century, when a law was introduced in the Italian championship, as a result of which only local athletes played for FC Milan. All foreign athletes were forced to move to a new club Internazionale. Thus, it was during this period that the famous derby was born. Another name for the confrontation “Della Madonnina” comes from the statue of the Virgin Mary. It can be seen at the famous “Cathedral of the Nativity”.

Derby has another historical background. Representatives of the local bourgeoisie most often sympathized with Inter, and ordinary workers supported Milan. At the moment, Internazionale is leading with a score of 78 – 75, and well, the top scorer of the confrontation is the representative of Milan, Andrei Shevchenko. Also considered popular are the matches of “black and red” with Turin “Juventus”, but in this battle there is no such intensity of passion and principled struggle.

Milan’s home arena

The San Siro Stadium is the most capacious sports arena in Italy, since during a football match there can be more than 80,000 fans in the stands at the same time. This sport complex is truly unique, not only Milan, but also Inter conducts home games on it. The stadium received the second name in honor of the famous Italian football player Giuseppe Meazza, who became the two-time world champion and managed to play in both Milan teams. The San Siro annually hosts concerts of the best music performers in the world, and a large football museum is also available to fans.

The era of Berlusconi

Silvio Berlusconi is a famous Italian politician, businessman and multi-billionaire. The entrepreneur was the owner of “Milan” for over 30 years, it was this era that was the most successful in the history of “Devils”. The club not only managed to get out of Series B, but also became the most recognizable in the football world. In the middle of the two thousandth, many young football players dreamed of wearing a red and black T-shirt. In the past few years, the results of the team began to disappoint even the most devoted fans of Berlusconi. A former politician was forced to sell a controlling stake for a group of Chinese investors for 740 million euros.

The devil is from the east

Andriy Shevchenko is rightfully the best attacker who played for Milan in the twenty-first century. The Ukrainian moved to the Italian championship from Dynamo Kyiv for a record 25 million euros. He did not need much time for adaptation. He quickly learned the language and immediately became the top scorer of the Italian Championship. Thanks to Shevchenko, the “red-blacks” were able to win the 2002/03 Champions League. A forward-decisive striker scored against Juventus, who was defended by Buffon. The Italian public idolized the best player of their team, as he always scored goals in the most important matches. The current coach of Ukraine’s national team ranks second on the list of the team’s top scorers, he scored 175 goals in a Milan t-shirt.

FC Milan today

Over the past couple of years, the results of football players from the fashion capital of Italy have greatly deteriorated. The red and blacks turned from the best club of the world into the usual middle peaks of Serie A. At the moment, the team captain is an experienced defender Leonardo Bonucci, but the main star experts call the young goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma. The guy is only 18 years old, but for two seasons he has been the main defender of the Milan goal. Permanent rotation of the coaching staff did not bring the desired result, the legendary Gennaro Gattuso was recently appointed as acting mentor.

“Milan” has fewer amounts of nicknames than other teams. One of the most famous is the Rossoneri. First, we must immediately say that the British formed the club in 1899 (with the help of local Italians, of course) living in Italy. They distributed football and cricket in the Apennines. I note that they still achieved their own. Today in Italy, cricket is very popular, and I don’t even think about the level of popularity of football. The club office has chosen the Tuscany Fiasciteria wine shop, where, before or after the matches, fans could discuss the failures and successes of their team in a friendly company.

By the way, as for the English start of the club. It is clear that as a result the club received the English name Milan, and not Italian-speaking Milano. After all, the essence of the name of the club is the name of the city in which the team was founded (by the way, the first name of the club was Milan Cricket & Foot-ball Club, then a lot has changed). Drawing parallels, we can recall the “Roma” and “Genoa.” The first are organized by the Italians. The main thing in the creation of “Roma” was Italo Foschi, in 1927, insisted on the union of the three old Roman football clubs – “Romana”, “Alba-Audache” and “Fortitude”. And the name of the club was Roma, and the British would have been the creators, today we would call the most popular Roman club as Rome. Genoa is the opposite of Roma. This northern club, like Milan, is organized by the English, so the Luigi Ferraris stadium was built in the English style, and the name of the club was English-speaking, “Genoa”, and not “Genova”, as it would be from Italian.